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US Tax Court Disallows Xėlan 419 Plan

by Brian Mahany At least once a month we receive a call from a business owner or physician who lost money in a 419 plan. The “lucky” simply have made a lousy investment in some unneeded insurance. The unlucky receive a huge tax bill from the IRS and / or lost their money in some [...]

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Former IRS Agent / Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty To Murder Plot

by Brian Mahany I received an email today saying that lately Due Diligence has been a bit boring. Taxes can be a bit boring and there is little humor in fraud cases, especially if you are a victim. But tales of a murder plot in southern California might just get some readers to perk up. [...]

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Charities – The New Tax Scam?

by Brian Mahany Thanks to our friends at Offshore Alert, we just read of a new tax scam involving offshore charities.  Apparently folks in the U.K. have discovered that its easy to simply create a bogus charity in another country. Once approved, the taxpayer then “donates” to the charity and takes the deduction on his [...]

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“Bulletproof Strategies & Licking the Boot Heel of Nazi Thugs”

by Brian Mahany LinkedIn can be pretty boring. The Asset Protection Planning group is even more so (unless you are a tax geek like me). To hear a lawyer member of the group using the language identified in the title of this post and defying the IRS to catch his clients because “none of them [...]

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Offshore Promoter Sentenced To Prison

by Brian Mahany Just a few days ago I posted an article about an organization touting Ras al-Khaimah international business corporations as a way to protect assets. Although the promotional materials were very carefully wordsmithed, there was a clear hint that purchasers of their product could avoid U.S. income taxes.  Just this week another promoter was [...]

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Another Tax Scam Promoter Convicted

by Brian Mahany Most tax crimes are never prosecuted. The IRS and government simply don’t have enough resources. You may face stiff fines and seizure of your home and bank accounts but the IRS only has so many guys and girls with badges. If you are a dishonest return preparer, tax defier or promoter of [...]

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Tax Preparer Gets 6 Years for Fraudulent Returns – (Is It Too Late to Correct My Own Bad Returns?)

by Brian Mahany Lester Morrison fancied himself as one of the busiest tax preparers in the New York City metropolitan area. At various times he operated multiple tax return services in New York and New Jersey. The IRS says that Morrison was filing fraudulent returns, thousands of them. Prosecutors say that the tax loss from [...]

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Another One Bites the Dust – Feds Shut Down American Tax Relief

(Legal malpractice, tax relief) by Brian Mahany There probably isn’t one late night television viewer in the U.S. that has not seen an  ad for tax relief. Roni Deutch and her claims of paying the IRS just pennies on the dollar, American Tax Relief and J.K. Harris are probably familiar to most. Unfortunately, most of [...]

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