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Whose Responsible For The Housing Market Meltdown? FDIC Settles With IndyMac CEO

by Brian Mahany There is plenty of blame for the housing market meltdown. Ask anyone on Main Street, America and most will quickly (and correctly) point the finger at the Wall Street and the big banks. Those folks, however, will likely deny everything. Last week the FDIC was successfully able to hold one big bank [...]

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“I Don’t Recall” – Confessions Of Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan

by Brian Mahany Bank of America chief executive officer Brian Moynihan’s deposition was just filed with the court after Thanksgiving. It reminds of some of the transcripts I have read dealing with mobsters. If there was an Academy Award or Oscar for the most stonewalling,  Moynihan would be a shoe-in. Insurance giant MBIA sued Countrywide [...]

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Chase Bank Loses HAMP Denial Case In California

by Brian Mahany Chase Home Finance, a subsidiary of JPMorgan, lost an important court battle this week as it struggles to respond to claims from homeowners across the United States regarding the improper denial of HAMP loan modifications. HAMP is an acronym for the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, a program sponsored by the U.S. Treasury [...]

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Huge Victory For Homeowners In Ohio

by Brian Mahany Every now and then courts get it right. The victory is even sweeter when the court that issued the ruling happens to be a state supreme court. On Halloween, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a lender must have standing at the time it files for foreclosure. Sorting out the paperwork at [...]

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Appraisal Fraud Alive And Well

by Brian Mahany Mortgage fraud comes in many flavors. We see lenders engaging in predatory lending practices, shady brokers writing bad loans (meaning sure defaults and that means taxpayers holding the bag), banks that defraud their own employees of commissions and of course, loan servicers that engage in widespread foreclosure fraud.  Appraisers have their fair [...]

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