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FBAR LawyerThe lawyer you choose can mean the difference between success and failure. Our team assists businesses and people throughout the United States and have offices all over the country. We have handled cases in over 26 states. Our lawyers solve a wide range of legal problems, including:

  • Navigating the complex world of tax and business regulations.
  • Representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act, SEC and IRS whistleblower cases 
  • Helping victims of fraud recover their money. 
  • Asset Recovery, Probate Fraud, Fiduciary Fraud, Securities Fraud and Legal Malpractice


Michigan – We represent a cellular telephone operator in an accounting malpractice case against a large accounting firm. The accountants provided advice on how to structure the business enterprise resulting in a $34 million dollar assessment. The case is on-going.

U.S. Tax Court – Large N.Y. Agricultural Business The business was assessed over $4,000,000 in income and withholding taxes after an IRS audit determined the business was a retailer and not a wholesaler of agricultural products. The case was resolved in U.S. Tax Court for about $100,000 including interest and penalties. A savings of over 95% for the business.

Southern District of Manhattan – We filed a federal false claims act against the 5th largest FHA lender in the United States, Allied Home Mortgage. That case was subsequently adopted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in November of 2012. HUD claims that Allied owes the government $2.4 billion making our case the largest false claims act case against a lender in the United States.

Ralph Nader – Not one of our normal tax or fraud cases but partner Christopher Ertl was tapped in 2004 to represent then Presidential candidate Ralph Nader in his ballot case and subsequent appeal to the 9th Circuit.

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