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Posts Tagged Wisconsin foreclosure defense

NBC Story Questions Validity Of Foreclosures – Foreclosure Fraud Post

by Brian Mahany We have been saying for years that America’s foreclosure process is a mess. No one knows who owns what. Robosigning, foreclosure fraud, forged documents, false affidavits, foreclosure mills… just a few years ago some of these terms were not even invented. Now they are common place. A recent investigation by NBC Bay [...]

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Bank of America – Still Too Big To Care (Wisconsin Foreclosure Post)

by Brian Mahany It’s been several months since we wrote a mortgage foreclosure post. Our hope was that the recent national settlements and court approved monitors would help big banks clean up their mortgage messes. Unfortunately, we see little progress.  Although the total number of foreclosures is down, the ones that remain are often a [...]

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David v Goliath – Pro Se Homeowners Beats Freddie Mac In Foreclosure Appeals Victory

by Brian Mahany We like rooting for the underdog. Particularly when the underdog has no lawyer and takes on the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company (“Freddie Mac”).  Freddie Mac is a government sponsored enterprise with over $2 trillion in assets. They certainly can afford great lawyers and take on small homeowners who dare take on the government [...]

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JP Morgan Chase’s Mortgage Modification / HAMP Program A Fraud?

by Brian Mahany Publicly, the big banks have  sung of their own praise and tell the world of what a wonderful job they are doing to keep people in their homes. Just ask around and see if you can find many people that have actually received a permanent mortgage modification, however. Back in September we [...]

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NJ Court Refuses To Enforce Loan Provision Prohibiting Borrower From Suing

by Brian Mahany I thought I had seen everything until I read a story about Investor’s Saving Bank. If you haven’t figured out why juries dislike lenders and are awarding large judgments against banks, read on. A New Jersey company sought mortgage funding from Investors Savings. At the closing, Investors only provided half the funding. [...]

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Lawyers Latest Targets In Mortgage Fraud Mess

by Brian Mahany Lawyers that profited from the halcyon days of the housing industry are now finding themselves on the other side of the law. Several lawyers have been sued for their role in the mortgage crisis and many more are likely to find themselves in jail or in court. We have long suspected that [...]

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