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Is this a type of white collar crime? – Bank Fraud Post

by Dwight Haskins [Ed. Note: The following post comes courtesy of Dwight Haskins and is published with permission. Dwight discusses the company hired to insure that the big banks were properly reviewing their mortgage loan files. His post is one of corporate incest and ineptitude.] Here is my nomination for what should be allowed to [...]

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Banks As Model Citizens – (Bank Fraud Post)

by Brian Mahany Banks as model citizens. Some folks might laugh but we know of many, well run small community banks that are model citizens. It’s the big banks that really frighten us. Whether they are “too big to fail”, “too big to jail”, or simply “too big to care”, most big banks are not [...]

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JP Morgan Chase Faces Sanctions Over Refusal To Cooperate In Madoff Probe – Bank Fraud

by Brian Mahany America’s “Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail” banks have always been favorite targets of ours. Not a day goes by without one of the big banks being in some sort of legal trouble or regulatory hot water. We have heard countless stories of how these lenders have abused their business [...]

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Former Irish Bank Prez Arrested By Cops – Ireland Takes Bank Fraud Seriously

by Brian Mahany Because we have a thriving offshore tax law practice, we read many foreign newspapers. This morning I was happily surprised to read the Irish Central and see Sean FitzPatrick, former CEO of Anglo Irish Bank, wearing handcuffs and being lead into a Dublin criminal courtroom by uniformed cops. FitzPatrick ran Anglo Irish [...]

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Bank Of America Accused Of Loan Servicing Mistakes

by Brian Mahany When I first heard that a federal lawsuit had been filed against Bank of America in Newark, New Jersey, I wasn’t particularly surprised. America’s largest bank long ago ceased to make news when accused of fraud. Unless the accusations are really sensational or large – last month’s billion dollar false clams act [...]

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New Hope For Struggling Homeowners!

by Brian Mahany We have been saying for several months that the tide is beginning to turn against big banks and mortgage lenders. Many courts are beginning to get fed up with the abusive practices of lenders. Recently several state supreme courts have been weighing in on a wide variety issues including missing paperwork, forged [...]

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