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Inheritance Fraud – It’s Worldwide Problem

Usually the cases of inheritance fraud we deal with occur when a caregiver or greedy relative alters the will of a loved one or simply fails to turn over assets after death. Forged wills are another common occurrence. Unfortunately the problem is worldwide. This story details just how sneaky and dishonest some people can be. [...]

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Will Contests and “No Contest” Clauses

Will contests and inheritance fraud are big problems that never receive much media coverage. Everyday, children, grandchildren, siblings and jilted spouses race to courthouses across the country claiming they were wrongfully cut out of the someone’s will. Sometimes family members go to court to prevent an overreaching caregiver or family member from taking advantage of [...]

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89 Year Old Millionaire Heads To Prison For Inheritance Fraud

Anthony Marshall, age 89, will soon be the oldest person in New York to start serving a prison sentence for a nonviolent felony. His crime? Marshall was convicted of stealing money from his mother’s estate while she suffered dementia. The mother, famed New York philanthropist Brooke Astor, died at the age of 105. Marshall’s age [...]

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Will Contests – What Works And What Doesn’t

Recently we received several calls about will contests – that is what happens when someone wishes to challenge the beneficiaries of an estate. It is a legal proceeding usually brought by a beneficiary or someone who feels they should have been a beneficiary. There are generally only a few grounds to challenge a will or [...]

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Ultimate Inheritance Fraud? Cops Exhume Chicago Lottery Winner, Fear Cyanide Poisoning

by Brian Mahany The registered trademark of the Illinois Lottery is the slogan, “Anything’s Possible.” Apparently that includes murder. This story comes courtesy of today’s Chicago Tribune. Cops in Chicago exhumed the body of Urooj Khan, a recent million dollar lottery winner. The medical examiner’s office originally ruled in July that Khan die of hardening [...]

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America’s Greatest Lawyer Died Without A Will? It’s True! (estate fraud blog)

by Brian Mahany On Christmas I saw Stephen Spielberg’s epic movie about Abraham Lincoln. Many think he was America’s greatest lawyer. Until today, I didn’t know that Lincoln never took the time to write a will. He joins the ranks of most Americans who won’t take an hour of their time to think about what [...]

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Michael Jackson’s Will A Fake? – Probate / Estate Fraud Blog Post

by Brian Mahany Even years after his death, controversy still haunts Michael Jackson. No sooner was Michael buried, then Michael’s mother Katherine challenged his estate. Specifically, she challenged the two men who were acting as executors of the estate. That challenge was ultimately withdrawn but not before Michael’s father Joe file his own challenge. His [...]

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