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Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Opportunity?

Periodically, we review the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services enforcement action docket. There are literally tens of thousands of healthcare providers across the country. Most participate in the Medicare or Medicaid health programs. The government periodically audits a small percentage of these providers each year. When a significant problem is uncovered, the government can [...]

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Criminalizing Banking Misbehavior – Government Extortion or Leniency?

2014 has been a record year for settlements between the Justice Department and corporate America. The capstone, of course, is the recent settlement between DOJ and Bank of America. That deal comes in at a record $16.65 billion and isn’t the first time this year that America’s favorite “too big to fail” bank had to [...]

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Private Prisons – Next Wave of Whistleblower Cases?

Many states now house prisoners in privately run facilities.  Last year, there were 27,920 federal prisoners in private prisons and an additional 16,500 immigration detainees held privately. These numbers don’t include the tens of thousands of state prisoners. All told, there are an estimated 130,000 inmates today under the control of private jailers. Those jails, [...]

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Lawyers As Whistleblowers – An Ethical Conundrum

Lawyers have a duty to protect their clients. Under our legal system, even the worst and most depraved criminals are entitled to legal representation. Our Founding Fathers wisely decided that the right to counsel was so important, that it needed to be part of the constitution and protected for all time’s sake. There are limits, [...]

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Supreme Court May Take Up False Claims Act Appeal

The United States Supreme Court is considering hearing an appeal of the dismissal of a False Claims Act case. Noel Nathan was a sales manager employed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. He claimed his employer was committing Medicare fraud by overprescribing prescription antacids. A federal judge in Virginia dismissed his complaint saying that Nathan did not plead [...]

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Hospice Owner Convicted In $14 Million Medicare Fraud

The owner of a Pennsylvania hospice care business, Matthew Kolodesh, was convicted of Medicare fraud. Jurors found he billed  Medicare for over $14 million in claims for patients that were not eligible to receive Medicare benefits. In many cases, the services were billed but never provided. Prosecutors say that Kolodesh spent $9.6 million of hospice [...]

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Seeking HFT Whistleblowers

If you are reading this post you are either curious or a sophisticated insider who knows all about HFT – High Frequency Trading. While high frequency trading is often legal, there is definitely a dark side to the industry – folks who combine ultra high speed computers with early access to inside information about earnings [...]

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Healthcare Fraud Defendant Bought 20 Cars With Tax Dollars

Prosecutors claim Regina Swims-King defrauded the federal Medicare program out of millions of dollars. She was charged with several counts of healthcare fraud earlier this year but the indictment was sealed and only last week did more details about her alleged spending spree using tax dollars emerge. According to the indictment, Swims-King owns Angelic Hospice, [...]

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Seattle MD Faces Medicare Fraud Charges

A Seattle physician has been charged with Medicare fraud. Published reports claim Bruce Chen was falsely billing for visiting patients. While that may sound more like an oversight or paperwork error, the government says some of the patients allegedly seen by Chen were dead while at other times he wasn’t even in the United States. [...]

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Whistleblower Case Leads to Settlement, Class Action Suit

Five students have filed a class action lawsuit against for profit Globe University after an earlier whistleblower case resulted in a $395,000 judgment against the school. The students claim the university misleads prospective students and lies about job placement rates. Earlier this summer, a former dean of the school, Heidi Weber, won a $395,000 judgment after [...]

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