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Tax Reform in the Buckeye State

Measuring tax burden is part science and part voodoo. Every state likes to tout their tax reform initiatives but the proof can be hard to measure. With so many variables, measuring tax burden becomes difficult. As an avid baseball fan, I am always fascinated on some of the crazy statistics quoted by hard core fans [...]

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Have A Government Security Clearance? Watch Out for IRS Tax Liens!

Tens of thousands of Americans have government security clearances. Whether you are a federal employee or private contractor, keeping your security clearance is key to staying employed. Having an IRS tax lien presents a real roadblock to maintaining or getting a clearance. Security clearances are currently reviewed on average every five years. After the recent [...]

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C Corp, S Corp, LLC… REIT?

Real  Estate Investment Trusts (REIT for short) are the newest way some companies are seeking to avoid corporate income tax. According to a story published on June 8th in the Wall Street Journal, some companies are seeking to convert to REITs. The IRS, however, is not convinced those conversions are legal. REITs have been around [...]

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IRS Begins Rejecting OVDI Filings – Important News For Fence Sitters

by Brian Mahany We have written at least 100 posts about the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (called OVDI or OVDP) and the need to file FBARs (Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts). In almost every such post we remind readers that time is running out. Many folks learned this week just how true that [...]

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IRS Taxpayer Advocate Slams Congress For Complexity Of Tax Code

by Brian Mahany We are big fans of Nina Olson, the IRS’ National Taxpayer Advocate. Although understaffed, her office is the last line of defense for taxpayers “stuck in the system” or unable to find answers to their questions. I liked the concept of an independent voice so much that I created the position in [...]

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Succession Planning For Family Businesses

by Brian Mahany Although we are a full service tax firm, most people think of us only for our fraud and offshore reporting work. Our team of highly specialized tax lawyers can also assist in tax and estate planning.  According to recent studies, 25% of family businesses plan on a change of ownership in the [...]

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U.S. Opens Encrypted Swiss Banking Data

by Brian Mahany Previously we reported how U.S. authorities had detained two sons of a Swiss banker and questioned them for 6 hours about their father’s activities. That incident has caused a crisis within the Swiss banking world. Bankers are afraid to travel to the U.S. where they may be arrested and detained. Because other [...]

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How To Turn A Tax Debt Into A Prison Sentence

by Brian Mahany Last month the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a four + year sentence given to John McKinney in a criminal tax case. The facts behind the case tell the perfect story of how a simple tax debt can become a lengthy stay in a federal prison. John and his brother Robert [...]

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