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Banks Failed To Honor Mortgage Settlement Deal – Foreclosure Fraud Post

There is an agency most people have never heard of, the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight. Created as part of the national foreclosure fraud settlement between 49 state attorneys general, the Justice Department and 5 major lenders; the agency was created to insure compliance with the settlement. Ask most people threatened by foreclosure from Ally [...]

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Bank of America “Too Big To Care” – Bank Fraud Post

by Brian Mahany We are avid readers of Rolling Stone magazine. Although I read 20 to 30 magazines per month, one of my first stops each month at Barnes & Noble is the music and entertainment magazine section to see if the new Rolling Stone is out. Several months ago we were delighted to find [...]

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David vs Goliath (Bank Fraud Post)

by Brian Mahany The following post is an email from a client. It is reposted with permission. For privacy reasons, we have changed her name to “Jane” and redacted identifying information. Brian, I spent some time this AM reading your blog posts on my case and “Legal Abuse Syndrome”. Well done, and thank you. I [...]

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JP Morgan Chase’s Mortgage Modification / HAMP Program A Fraud?

by Brian Mahany Publicly, the big banks have  sung of their own praise and tell the world of what a wonderful job they are doing to keep people in their homes. Just ask around and see if you can find many people that have actually received a permanent mortgage modification, however. Back in September we [...]

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Michigan Homeowners Score Appeals Court Victory Against Citibank

by Brian Mahany As we have said many times, the tide is beginning to turn against big banks and in favor of homeowners. For many years, courts simply rubber stamped foreclosure petitions. Now they are much more carefully scrutinized; particularly those filed by the nations largest banks – the so called “too big to fail.” [...]

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Bank Of America Accused Of Loan Servicing Mistakes

by Brian Mahany When I first heard that a federal lawsuit had been filed against Bank of America in Newark, New Jersey, I wasn’t particularly surprised. America’s largest bank long ago ceased to make news when accused of fraud. Unless the accusations are really sensational or large – last month’s billion dollar false clams act [...]

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Huge Victory For Homeowners In Ohio

by Brian Mahany Every now and then courts get it right. The victory is even sweeter when the court that issued the ruling happens to be a state supreme court. On Halloween, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a lender must have standing at the time it files for foreclosure. Sorting out the paperwork at [...]

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States Steal Much of $2.5 Billion Big Bank Settlement Monies

by Brian Mahany Waiting for your slice of the $25 billion mortgage foreclosure settlement monies? You might be waiting for a long time. Like forever. While I realize the term “steal” as used in this title is a pretty serious accusation, even HUD is upset at what many states have done with the settlement funds. [...]

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Two Years Later, Robo-Signing Continues

by Brian Mahany A couple years ago, the foreclosure industry was paralyzed when evidence of widespread robosigning came to light. Tens of thousands of foreclosures were put on hold while banks promised to review their paperwork. For those not familiar with the definition of the term “robosigning”, the term refers to a bank practice of [...]

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How Low Can They Go? Bank Of America Claims Death of Child Not A Hardship

by Brian Mahany By now, I should be numb to the suffering caused by Bank of America and other large lenders and mortgage servicers. That’s what they want but instead, I am fighting angry. So are millions of homeowners too. If you think we climb the soapbox a little too often in this blog, read [...]

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