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JP Morgan Chase’s Mortgage Modification / HAMP Program A Fraud?

by Brian Mahany Publicly, the big banks have  sung of their own praise and tell the world of what a wonderful job they are doing to keep people in their homes. Just ask around and see if you can find many people that have actually received a permanent mortgage modification, however. Back in September we [...]

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On The Trail Of A New Species Of Fraud

by Joe Bird The discovery of a previously unknown form of life, any kind of life, fascinates us. The innate fascination with the discovery of a previously unknown form of life, extinct or living, fuels many scientific disciplines. They include astronomy, archeology and oceanography. The discovery of yet another form of fraud and seeking a [...]

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Court Refuses To Dismiss Government’s Fraud Case Against UBS

by Brian Mahany Most of our readers know that we sue banks and mortgage lenders on behalf of homeowners victimized by predatory foreclosure practices. Lately, we have been gathering information against Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Bank of New York and others after hearing horror stories of robo-signing, forged documents and even foreclosing against a [...]

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Forged Mortgage Documents – Where Were The Notaries?

by Brian Mahany In order to foreclose on a home, a bank must prove that the homeowner has defaulted on the loan and that the bank owns the mortgage. Because mortgages today are routinely sold to investors, banks usually hold an assignment of the mortgage showing they are the rightful owner. As we learned in [...]

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Homeowners Rejoice – Appeals Court Reinstates HAMP Denial Complaint

by Brian Mahany The term HAMP probably doesn’t mean much, unless you are one of the tens of millions of Americans struggling to pay their mortgage. HAMP stands for the Home Affordable Mortgage Program rolled out by the U.S. Treasury Department after the housing and mortgage crisis of 2008. The program includes mortgage modifications, rate [...]

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Flagstar Fraud Case Settles for $133 Million

by Brian Mahany Flagstar Bank is the latest large lender to settle federal charges of mortgage fraud.  Although Flagstar is based in Troy, Michigan, the case was prosecuted by the United States Attorney in Manhattan. (To date many of the large cases including our firm’s $2.4 billion dollar fraud case against Allied is being prosecuted [...]

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