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Musings On IRS Scandal

by Brian Mahany The recent scandal involving the IRS and politically targeted audits has been well covered by mainstream media. I wasn’t even going to write about but for 3 emails from past and present clients. The details of the present scandal are fairly easy to summarize: 1) The IRS targeted conservative and “Tea Party” [...]

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Trickle Down Economics? – Maryland Debate’s “Rain Tax”

by Brian Mahany While serving as Maine’s state revenue commissioner in the 90′s I had to deal with hospital taxes (the so called “sick tax”) and taxes on snack food (often called the Girl Scout cookie tax). Lobbyists can get pretty creative with labels, usually in an effort to defeat a tax proposal or at [...]

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When Public Officials Don’t Pay Taxes – IRS Whistleblower Post

by Brian Mahany Remember the Nannygate scandal? The scandal originated in 1993 when President Bill Clinton nominated Zoe Baird to be the United States Attorney General. That nomination didn’t last long; reporters quickly learned that Baird and her husband had hired two illegal immigrants from Peru to care for their child. They also didn’t withhold [...]

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Unreported Account or Hedge Fund in the Caymans? Not For Long! FBAR Post

by Brian Mahany It seems like every week we are reporting on another country that is poised to join FATCA. For those that don’t know, FATCA is short for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Passed by Congress several years ago, the act requires foreign financial institutions to identify and disclose the identities of account [...]

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Wegelin Postscript – World’s Oldest Bank To Close After Tax Evasion Plea

by Brian Mahany Wegelin & Co. was the world’s oldest bank. Established in 1741, decades before the Revolutionary War, the bank announced it will be permanently shutting its doors. Why? The bank simply could not survive after pleading guilty to U.S. criminal charges that it assisted American taxpayers evade taxes. Wegelin once boasted to depositors [...]

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What Do Pamela Anderson and Lindsay Lohan Have In Common? Tax Liens!

by Brian Mahany Not since the ill-fated prosecution* of actor Wesley Snipes has the IRS mounted such an assault on the Hollywood elite. Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan and actor Stephen Baldwin have all been in the news in recent weeks because of unpaid taxes. Baldwin was arrested while Anderson and Lohan are still in the [...]

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