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DOJ Tax Division’s 97% Conviction Rate

Around our office we call the Justice Department Tax Division’s conviction rate the “body temperature” index. If the body’s temperature falls much below 98 degrees, something is very wrong. Ditto if a DOJ criminal tax lawyer can’t obtain a conviction in 97% of cases. This post examines the story behind the story. U.S. District Court [...]

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Sentences For White Collar Crimes May Change

The United States Sentencing Commission is scheduled to review how sentences for white collar crimes are calculated when the group meets in September. Created by Congress in 1984, the Commission is part of the federal judicial branch and annually publishes the Federal Sentencing Guidelines used by every federal court in the nation. Whether someone goes [...]

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IRS Criminal Tax Charges – Paper Tiger or Real Dragon?

For years we have claimed that the IRS operates the nation’s best publicity machine. Whenever someone is indicted for tax evasion, refund fraud or other criminal tax case the IRS is there with a press release and some great sound bites for the media. The IRS doesn’t act alone. Usually IRS news bulletins outlining criminal [...]

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UPDATE: IRS Promises To Obtain Warrants Before Reading Emails

by Brian Mahany 4 weeks ago we wrote a post about an internal IRS search warrant manual that said agents did not need to obtain a search warrant in order to read a taxpayer’s email. This was especially troubling since a federal court of appeals ruled in 2010 that emails shared the same expectation of [...]

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Big Brother IRS Says It Can Read Your Emails Without A Warrant (Tax Evasion Post)

by Brian Mahany According to a recent story published by CNET, the IRS says it doesn’t need a search warrant to read your email. While privacy advocates, liberals, conservatives, the ACLU and courts think otherwise, the IRS still claims that Americans have no expectation of privacy in their emails. I was shocked when reading this [...]

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Feds Proposed New Felony Tax Crime Has Implications For Those Overseas

by Brian Mahany Tax evasion is a felony. Prosecutors must prove that the person accused possessed a willful intent to evade taxes and committed some affirmative or overt act of evasion. Mere failure to pay taxes or file returns are misdemeanors punishable by no more than a year in prison. The difference is the required [...]

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James Stuart – Patriot or Thief?

by Brian Mahany James Stuart was convicted earlier this month of three counts of felony tax evasion. When he returns to court for sentencing he faces up to 15 years in prison.  His story hits very close to home. Literally. Stuart owned a business just a few miles from my house. His defense lawyer is [...]

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Former B’nai B’rith Prez Convicted of Fraud

by Brian Mahany During the last two years this column has chronicled the downfall of politicians, corporate titans, bankers, accountants and the proverbial guy next door. From Hero to Zero, we have seen it all. Last week a federal jury in Philadelphia convicted former B’nai B’rith president Dennis Glick of “corruptly endeavoring to obstruct” the [...]

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Rare Appeals Court Victory For Criminal Defendants

by Brian Mahany Very often criminal trials devolve into a “he said, she said” battle of the witnesses. Sometimes witnesses have different perceptions of the same event. On other occasions one of the witnesses is simply lying. Figuring out who is telling the truth is in the hands of a jury. Although neither the defense [...]

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