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Affinity Fraud? SEC Charges Broker in Alleged $4.7 Million Ponzi Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Larry Dearman Sr, an investment advisor working for Focus Group Advisors, with defrauding dozens of investors between 2008 and 2012. They say that many victims entrusted him with their savings because of his affiliation with a small town Oklahoma church. According to published reports, Dearman at one time served [...]

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Pension Plan Administrator Convicted Of Fraud (Employee Benefit Plan Scam)

by Brian Mahany Tens of millions of Americans invest for the future through employer sponsored 401(k) and other employee benefit plans. These plans allow workers to lower their taxes and provide retirement income. Depending on how the money is invested, there is always a risk of loss. In the case of Matthew Hutcheson, an Idaho [...]

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David vs Goliath (Bank Fraud Post)

by Brian Mahany The following post is an email from a client. It is reposted with permission. For privacy reasons, we have changed her name to “Jane” and redacted identifying information. Brian, I spent some time this AM reading your blog posts on my case and “Legal Abuse Syndrome”. Well done, and thank you. I [...]

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John Thomas Financial Under Watch – Again! (Stockbroker Fraud Post)

by Brian Mahany From the outside, John Thomas Financial appears to be a pretty respectable place. It’s main office is located at 14 Wall Street, a high rent building across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. It’s president, Anastasios ”Tommy” Belesis, has been seen with former New York Mayor (and U.S. Attorney) Rudolph Guiliani. There [...]

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Updating The Allied Home Mortgage Saga – false claims post

by Joseph Bird It has been a while since we updated you on Allied Home Mortgage, especially the US v Allied and Americus 2.5 billion dollar False Claims Act civil lawsuit.   Since our last update, the case was transferred to a Houston, Texas Federal District Court. Many or the other peripheral cases have gone into [...]

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Michael Jackson’s Will A Fake? – Probate / Estate Fraud Blog Post

by Brian Mahany Even years after his death, controversy still haunts Michael Jackson. No sooner was Michael buried, then Michael’s mother Katherine challenged his estate. Specifically, she challenged the two men who were acting as executors of the estate. That challenge was ultimately withdrawn but not before Michael’s father Joe file his own challenge. His [...]

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40 Cars + Private Jet + $6 Million Yacht = 225 Years In Prison

by Brian Mahany Some often complain that white collar criminals don’t spend much time in jail. Post Bernie Madoff, however, things are beginning to change. A U.S. Probation Office sentencing report recommends convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham be sentenced to 225 years in federal prison for his role in a mssive Ponzi scheme. Durham calls [...]

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States Steal Much of $2.5 Billion Big Bank Settlement Monies

by Brian Mahany Waiting for your slice of the $25 billion mortgage foreclosure settlement monies? You might be waiting for a long time. Like forever. While I realize the term “steal” as used in this title is a pretty serious accusation, even HUD is upset at what many states have done with the settlement funds. [...]

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Two Years Later, Robo-Signing Continues

by Brian Mahany A couple years ago, the foreclosure industry was paralyzed when evidence of widespread robosigning came to light. Tens of thousands of foreclosures were put on hold while banks promised to review their paperwork. For those not familiar with the definition of the term “robosigning”, the term refers to a bank practice of [...]

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Former Sunwest CEO Indicted For Fraud

by Brian Mahany Former Sunwest Management CEO Jon Harder was indicted for fraud in connected with an alleged Pozi scheme. Prosecutors say he bilked investors out of over $130 million. Harder was CEO of Sunwest, a constellation of companies that purchased and operated nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Several years ago, his company went [...]

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