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Captives and Life Insurance – A Deadly Combination

We have posted several articles on captive insurance fraud and each one has prompted a certain amount of controversy. That’s good because it get people thinking. Unfortunately, as fraud recovery lawyers, we see cases where investors lost battles with the IRS over captive insurance programs. Even worse, we often see captive insurance programs that are [...]

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Cop Found Guilty of Tax Fraud, Identity Theft

Law enforcement officers are supposed to protect us from criminal behavior, not commit it. In a rather unusual story, a Miami police officer was convicted last week of tax fraud and identity theft. In an even more bizarre twist, prosecutors say he worked with federal agents last year on an investigation targeting another Miami cop [...]

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IRS Hands Down Record Penalty in FBAR Case

A few days we ago we wrote about the expected guilty plea by Beanie Baby creator Ty Warner. The feds charged Warner with  tax evasion. Prosecutors say he failed to report offshore Swiss accounts and file required FBAR forms. U.S. taxpayers must annually report their offshore financial assets if at any point in the year [...]

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Proving Willfulness in FBAR Penalty Cases

[Ed. Note - several days ago we wrote a post about willfulness as it relates to FBAR penalties. That article gave specific examples of what constitutes willful behavior. Since that post was written, we received several inquiries regarding the legal standards. Readers interested in this topic should read both posts.] As regular readers of this [...]

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Have A Government Security Clearance? Watch Out for IRS Tax Liens!

Tens of thousands of Americans have government security clearances. Whether you are a federal employee or private contractor, keeping your security clearance is key to staying employed. Having an IRS tax lien presents a real roadblock to maintaining or getting a clearance. Security clearances are currently reviewed on average every five years. After the recent [...]

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