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The Prophecies Of Doom – Bank And Investment Fraud In 2013

by Brian Mahany On December 21st, I attended an outdoor doomsday party in New Orleans. The promoters anticipated 10,000 revelers for the big event. My guess is that 500 showed up. Evidently, not many people thought the world was ending or if they did, they found better ways of celebrating than drinking beer in New [...]

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The Forgotten Investor (Protecting Investors From Fraud)

by Brian Mahany The headline in today’s Wall Street Journal reads “Insider – Trading Probe Widens.” Further down on the front page in smaller type is an article titled, “For Many Financial Advisers, Stocks Become A Hard Sell.” Is it any wonder why? While the Dow Jones Industrial Average is sitting at 13,200 this morning, [...]

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SEC Targets Investment Advisers For Providing Inaccurate Info

by Brian Mahany The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has started a “cease and desist” proceeding against a Chicago investment adviser firm, Calhoun Asset Management LLC, and its principal, Krista Ward.  The complaint was filed on December 29th.  The SEC says that the firm deceived investors by “grossly exaggerating” assets under management and making misleading [...]

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The Origins of Fraud

by Brian Mahany Unfortunately, there is a great deal of job security for asset recovery lawyers. Fraud has always been with us but in recent years, the size and number of frauds have reached all-time highs and with no end in sight. Just look at Bernie Madoff and the Ponzi schemes orchestrated in Washington D.C., [...]

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