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GC’s Still Paying Cadillac Rates – Virtual Law Post

[This post originally appeared on our sister blog, Guerilla Law Firm Blog. It addresses the growing dissatisfaction by in house counsel with the fees charged by traditional, "white shoe" law firms. We are unabashed in our opinions that the mega large, mega expensive large firm business model is unsustainable. We believe that boutique and virtual law [...]

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JP Morgan Chase Faces Sanctions Over Refusal To Cooperate In Madoff Probe – Bank Fraud

by Brian Mahany America’s “Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail” banks have always been favorite targets of ours. Not a day goes by without one of the big banks being in some sort of legal trouble or regulatory hot water. We have heard countless stories of how these lenders have abused their business [...]

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Bank of America Mistreats The Disabled – A True Story of One Mans Struggle Against America’s Biggest Bank

by Brian Mahany On Friday I was chatting with one of our good friends, Marx Sterbcow of Sterbcow Law* in New Orleans. We often pursue the same type cases and invariably, we can’t discuss the outcomes. Why? Because Bank of America and other big lenders don’t want to air their dirty laundry. Unless a case [...]

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Think You Have A Good Mortgage Fraud Case?

by Joe Bird Many serious cases of fraud are not readily discernable. That should come as no surprise – those perpetrating the fraud spend much time and energy concealing it and convincing their victims that all is right with the world. Sometimes it is as hard to see, as is another planet in another galaxy [...]

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Living the Life of Luxury… While Investors Suffer

by Brian Mahany The SEC has taken on another Ponzi scheme, this one operating in Costa Mesa, California. The SEC says that Jerry Aubrey ran an “$11 million boiler room fraud that victimized more than 200 investors.”  Operating through a company called Progressive Energy Partners, Aubrey solicited investors for oil and gas investments. Instead of [...]

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Citibank Debt Collectors Kill Customer?

by Brian Mahany Fraud stories never cease to amaze me but after years of prosecuting fraudsters or helping victims recover their money, the stories sometimes lose some of their excitement. Especially with bank fraud, the stories are often pretty complex and quite dry. Not this one. According to a press report, Citibank is being sued [...]

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The Origins of Fraud

by Brian Mahany Unfortunately, there is a great deal of job security for asset recovery lawyers. Fraud has always been with us but in recent years, the size and number of frauds have reached all-time highs and with no end in sight. Just look at Bernie Madoff and the Ponzi schemes orchestrated in Washington D.C., [...]

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