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Mike Tyson Sues Investment Advisor – Celebrity Fraud Post

by Brian Mahany We have seen this headline far too many times, former star athlete or musician accuses agent or stockbroker of fraud. Although fraud occurs daily in our life, it makes headlines when a celebrity is the victim. Unfortunately, because of their celebrity status, many athletes, actors and musicians find themselves the target of [...]

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Lawyer, Accountant Implicated in Estate Fraud Case

by Brian Mahany Although I still believe the practice of law is a noble profession, the ambulance chasers and ethically challenged members of the Bar keep us pretty far down in public opinion polls. This story from Tennessee is not going to help change that undeserved reputation. Paul Porter and his son Joe built up [...]

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More Audit Fraud – Tiny Illinois Town Loses $50 Million!

by Brian Mahany The little Illinois town of Dixon has less than 16,000 residents. Located in rural Lee county, Dixon was best known for being the boyhood home of former President Ronald Reagan. Now it is known for being the city that lost $50,000,000.00. That’s quite a feat considering the per capita income of Dixon is [...]

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Stockbroker Arrested After Elder Fraud, Stealing From Church

by Brian Mahany There are bad stockbrokers who always seem to lose money and then there are BAD stockbrokers – those that are nothing more than common thieves. According to an article in InvestmentNews, one of those really bad brokers was charged with four counts of aggravated theft after cops say he stole money from [...]

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Troubles In Paradise

by Brian Mahany Aloha and greetings from Maui.  We are here for a short family vacation – a few days to unwind, regroup and plan the new year.  As I ate breakfast this morning I was struck by the headline in the local daily newspaper, The Maui News, “Heavy Surf Continues.”  Life is a bit [...]

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Forgery & Identity Theft – Partners in Crime

by Brian Mahany As a prosecutor I always wondered why street thugs would risk years in prison by committing a purse snatching or other low level street crime.  I am not suggesting that any robbery isn’t serious but armed with nothing more than a pen, a smart criminal can net far more money and face [...]

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Hollywood Fraud – The Reality Show Not Seen By The Public

by Brian Mahany A Hollywood star arrested for drunk driving, showing up in divorce court or having a meltdown, is front page news. What rarely becomes news are the many agents, producers, accountants and even lawyers who often pray on Hollywood’s biggest stars. Within the last several years we have represented two well known celebrities [...]

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Bank Teller Embezzled Monies from Elderly Customers (Elder Abuse)

by Brian Mahany Theft and embezzlement is never justified. Stealing from the elderly is particularly disturbing. Thanks to a routine audit, one bank teller is behind bars for ripping offelderly customers. Police in New Iberia, Louisiana charged Brandy Rogers with bank fraud, forgery, identity theft and theft from an aged person. Cops say Rogers looked [...]

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30 Rock Accountant Arrested for Fraud

by Brian Mahany Celebrities and media moguls attract much attention from American society; often that attention is unwanted. Fraudsters and con artists know there is a great deal of money in the media world and that makes celebrities and Hollywood production companies big targets for fraud. Matthew Rudolf, a former accountant for the NBC TV [...]

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$34 Million Dollar Shopping Spree Lands Koss VP in Prison

Milwaukee is a blue-collar industrial city. It is not known as a center of financial fraud. That changed with the arrest and conviction of Sujata Sachdeva, former vice president of finance for Koss Corp.Koss is a manufacturer of stereo headphones headquartered in Milwaukee. While stories of insider fraud are nothing new, the magnitude of the [...]

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