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Court Says Bank Must Respond to IRS Levy Notice IMMEDIATELY

We all know that the IRS isn’t particularly known for its speed. Audits can drag on for months while criminal investigations can drag on for years. File an IRS whistleblower claim and it isn’t unusual for things to take 7 years or more. So how fast must a bank or other business respond to an [...]

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“Roll Your Own” Scheme Leads to Cigarette Tax Evasion Charges

(The author of this post suggests listening to the 1960’ folk legend Hoyt Axton’s Roll Your Own while reading this post.) This post comes courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue which announced this week charges against two men for cigarette tax evasion. After reading the DOR’s press release, I suspect we will be seeing [...]

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Tax Evasion Charge Raises $13k Tax Bill to $119k

Once upon a time, Sawtantar Singh Jaspal of Tracy, California had a great job as a manager of Dorfman-Pacific, a wholesale hat maker. Jaspal apparently wasn’t satisfied with his salary so he decided to embezzle $277,079.81 from the company according to charges filed by the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office. Cops arrested Jamal at his [...]

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Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Opportunity?

Periodically, we review the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services enforcement action docket. There are literally tens of thousands of healthcare providers across the country. Most participate in the Medicare or Medicaid health programs. The government periodically audits a small percentage of these providers each year. When a significant problem is uncovered, the government can [...]

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LNR Partners – Storm Clouds Brewing for Special Servicers (CMBS Post)

Imagine that you are a borrower on a major commercial real estate project. Your project has plenty of equity but cash flow is tight. Despite the tough economy, you manage to hold on. As things get worse, the designated special servicer on your loan invites you to miss a payment so they can get involved [...]

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Criminalizing Banking Misbehavior – Government Extortion or Leniency?

2014 has been a record year for settlements between the Justice Department and corporate America. The capstone, of course, is the recent settlement between DOJ and Bank of America. That deal comes in at a record $16.65 billion and isn’t the first time this year that America’s favorite “too big to fail” bank had to [...]

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Black Flag! Racetrack Owner Arrested for Tax Evasion

Tax evaders are frequently prosecuted but rarely are they arrested. Like many white-collar criminals, they are often given a summons and order to appear in court. Not in Cecil, Georgia.  According to reports published by the Valdosta Daily Times, the co-owner of a racetrack was arrested by agents of the Georgia Department of Revenue and [...]

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Pizzeria Owners Convicted of Tax Evasion

I remember my days as a revenue officer. A pizza parlor often frequented by state revenue department employees had a disturbing habit of not ringing in cash sales. They were instead written in a notebook and change calculated on a calculator. That pizza business wasn’t in business long. Today comes similar news from Pittsburgh of [...]

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Millionaire “Ninja” Not Invisible, Heads to Prison for Tax Evasion

People make mistakes. Although its common for street criminals to have lengthy rap sheets, once convicted millionaire tax cheats rarely commit new tax crimes. A short stint in the “Gray Bar Hotel” and most don’t want to come back. Evidently William Medlin needs a refresher course. According to published reports, Medlin, age 70, is headed [...]

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SEC Slams Ex LPL Broker for Elder Financial Abuse

A stockbroker who delivers medication to a terminal cancer patient in a snowstorm… sounds like a great guy, right? In most situations it would be wonderful.  In this case, the man wearing the hero’s disguise was nothing more than a common thief and villain. Last week the SEC obtained a $1.8 million judgment against former [...]

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