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If Brains Were Taxed, He Might Get A Refund…(Tax Evasion Post)

In March of this year we wrote about Timothy Jackson, a Mississippi surgeon indicted for tax evasion. The feds claimed Dr. Jackson had not paid taxes since 2004 after he took a vow of poverty. They say, however, that his vow of poverty was nonsense. Apparently the jury agreed; Jackson was convicted of all charges [...]

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FATCA … Ruining Lives Around The World?

Russian news source RIA Novasti reports that the lives of many American expats are “ruined’ because of FATCA. “Ruined?” According to RIA Novasti, “family relationships have been destroyed.” They claims that two percent of American expats who responded to a survey even claim FATCA caused them to divorce or split up with their partner.  “My German [...]

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Brazil, US FATCA Pacts Have Slow Start After Spy Scandal

Many nations around the world have signed tax exchange agreements with the United States. Similar to the new FATCA law, the agreements are intended to promote tax transparency and reduce tax evasion. Under the agreement, both nations will cooperate with one another and exchange tax information. These tax exchange pacts are necessary to avoid double [...]

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Appeals Court Allows Contingent Fee Arrangement for Tax Refunds

Circular 230. It has become the Bible for the IRS. And like the Bible, it has its own list of commandments. One of the big commandments is the prohibition on contingency fees. Section 10.27 says: Contingent fees on amended returns and tax refunds: (1) Except as provided in paragraphs (b)(2), (3), and (4) of this [...]

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Feds Indict 6 in $500 Million Offshore FATCA Fraud Case

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn indicted 6 men and 6 businesses in a far reaching international case alleging a $500 million fraud. Charges included conspiracy to commit securities fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering. According to a statement from the Justice Department, the tax fraud charges stem from the recently enacted Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act [...]

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NY Man Arrested for Tax Fraud and TARP Fraud

A Westchester, New York man was arrested and charged with tax fraud and other crimes in connection with a sophisticated mortgage scam that allowed him to obtain $146 million from 3 banks. Published reports say that Selim Zherka was charged with tax fraud, wire fraud, witness tampering and bank fraud. Because one of the banks [...]

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Quiet Disclosures and Audit Risks – “Sneaking in the Back Door”

Millions of taxpayers are now finding out that they should have been reporting their foreign bank accounts for years. Some do nothing and hope they won’t get caught, some seek legal assistance while others think a quiet disclosure will solve their problems. This post looks at the audit risks of the many folks who opt [...]

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QROPS – New Options For UK Pensioners Moving to the US

According to an article published this week by IFC Review, those with UK pensions hoping to retire in the United States may now have a legitimate option to avoid their pension benefits being swallowed up by the IRS. The relief comes by way of Malta and a new double taxation agreement between Malta and the [...]

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IRS Publishes New PFIC Guidance

Offshore reporting is a hot topic these days. Most of the inquiries we receive concern FBARs and reporting offshore accounts. Sometimes, however, we get asked about foreign real estate reporting, foreign gifts and Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC’s). Recently the IRS released Notice 2014-51,  also known as “Section 1298(f) Reporting Requirements for U.S. Persons that [...]

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Tax Evasion and Shell Companies

The world is becoming more transparent by the day. As more banks and governments exchange financial information, thousands of innocent folks are getting caught in government drag nets designed to identify those with unreported offshore accounts. “Innocent”? Yes, most of the folks we encounter are dual nationals, foreign born Americans, expats living overseas or hard [...]

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