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Lawyer Sued Over Ponzi Scheme

A group of investors sued Texas attorney Gregory Jones in connection with a failed mining venture that they claim was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. The investors say they hired Jones before investing in two mining companies, Edwards Exploration and Edwards Operating LLC. The group sought Jones’ help in evaluating their potential investment. According [...]

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FBAR Reporting and Accounting Malpractice

Back in January, we posted a piece directed at practitioners – accountants and enrolled agents – on their FBAR reporting responsibilities. Since that post, we continue to hear from taxpayers who claim their preparer failed to file FBARs and failed to report their foreign accounts. When the IRS assesses huge penalties, the taxpayer’s first stop is usually [...]

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Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Those were spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King and are the theme for today’s Thankgiving message. We try to blog everyday. Holidays are no exception. A few minutes ago I was poised to write a story on a new Ponzi scheme in Florida. Unfortunately, by tomorrow several [...]

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New Legal and Accounting Malpractice Legal Website

New Legal and Accounting  Malpractice website launched and we are pretty excited. There are very few law firms specializing in legal malpractice and until now, we never heard of any involving accounting malpractice. Sure, some law firms will accept the occasional case against a CPA but it is usually ancillary to their main practice. This [...]

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Two Lawyers of Failed Firm Receive $16 Million? – Virtual Law Post

[Ed. Note: The following post is reprinted from our sister blog, Guerilla Law Firm Blog.  The behavior of some "BigLaw" firms is so outrageous that it warrants reprinting. If anyone wonders why rates are so high at big law firms, read this post and you may begin to understand.] Two Lawyers of Failed Firm Receive [...]

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Israeli Tax Cop Indicted for Fraud, Theft

We normally don’t write stories about corrupt cops. But when the cop is a lead investigator in the Israeli Tax Authority and the Israeli Police, we take notice. When we learn that he allegedly targeted the victims of cases he was assigned, we really take notice. The Times of Israel reported earlier this summer that [...]

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Stoel Rives Hit With Legal Malpractice Verdict

Jurors in Park City, Utah found prominent West Coast law firm Stoel Rives guilty of legal malpractice in a botched real estate development deal. The firm must now pay their former client $12.8 million in damages. The suit also named one of the firm’s top real estate and construction law partners, Thomas Ellison. According to [...]

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Weil, Gotshal Kicks 170 To Curb

[Ed. Note: This post was originally printed on our sister blog, Guerilla Law Firm Blog where we post stories about the practice of law and the future of the legal profession.] When my mother was still alive and living in a skilled care facility I would try to visit often. Because we were 2000 miles [...]

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Have We Gone from “the Rule of Law” to “the Rule of Lawyers”?

[Ed. Note: This story about how America has become a nation governed by the "Rule of Lawyers" was originally published on our sister blog, the Guerilla Law Firm Blog. Visit that blog for stories about the practice of law and the future of the legal profession.] Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal featured a story by [...]

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The Warriors In Us

by Brian Mahany Unless we suddenly find ourselves at war with Syria, Iran or North Korea, our troops will not be in combat for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t waging other types of war. Evil is everywhere around us. We have the highest respect for our troops [...]

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