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Ocwen – SS Carrying Out Financial Holocaust* for Banks?

Ocwen, one of the largest loan servicers in the United States, is getting plenty of big ink this week. One former mortgage company executive wrote, “Think of Ocwen as the SS Prison Guards carrying out the financial holocaust* for the large banks.” The New York Post wrote, “The latest news about Ocwen is so damning [...]

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Barclays Capital Sanctioned $15 Million (Stockbroker Fraud Post)

Barclays Capital Inc was for many years a stock brokerage firm. After the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008, Barclays decided to enter the investment advisory business by purchasing Lehman’s advisory unit. Virtually overnight, Barclays found itself running an entirely new line of business. Unfortunately, the company wasn’t ready and immediately suffered many large compliance [...]

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Help For Underwater Homeowners – HARP

[Ed. Note: This is a guest post from Joshua Bucio, a Senior Mortgage Advisor at Waterstone Bank. He asked us to post this and we are happy to do so.] Some homeowners are still affected by the results of the real estate market decline that started in 2006.  The value of homes declined, because of [...]


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Banks Failed To Honor Mortgage Settlement Deal – Foreclosure Fraud Post

There is an agency most people have never heard of, the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight. Created as part of the national foreclosure fraud settlement between 49 state attorneys general, the Justice Department and 5 major lenders; the agency was created to insure compliance with the settlement. Ask most people threatened by foreclosure from Ally [...]

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An End to “Too Big To Fail” Banks? Wrongful Foreclosure Post

We have long railed against America’s Too Big To Fail banks. Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, HSBC…. long ago these institutions lost sight of their mission and duty to the public. For example, Bank of America’s newest slogan is “You’re Headed In The Right Direction.” Ask any of their customers facing [...]

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The Warriors In Us

by Brian Mahany Unless we suddenly find ourselves at war with Syria, Iran or North Korea, our troops will not be in combat for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t waging other types of war. Evil is everywhere around us. We have the highest respect for our troops [...]

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Nationstar Mortgage Halted Foreclosure Proceedings in 23 States – Foreclosure Fraud

In the latest foreclosure fraud scandal to come to light, Nationstar Financial admitted that it halted foreclosure proceedings in 23 states after receiving multiple complaints from state authorities. The admission came to light in documents filed with the SEC. This admission comes at a time when Nationstar is trying to raise $1.4 billion in new [...]

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Sad Day For Cabot Tenants In Common Investors (TIC Post)

We represent dozens of tenants in common (TICs). Many of our clients invested with Carlton Cabot and Cabot Investment Properties. No telling where Cabot is hiding these days although its pretty common knowledge that investors, regulators and even the feds are hot on his trail. Whether or not his investors will ever be made whole [...]

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4 Million And Counting – People Facing Wrongful Foreclosure

by Brian Mahany Some call it a national embarrassment. We call it a crime. Wrongful Foreclosure. It’s happened to millions of Americans and it still happening today. The Comptroller of Currency and the Federal Reserve say that as many as 4 million people were wrongfully foreclosed between 2009 and 2010. Some were promised a HAMP [...]

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NBC Story Questions Validity Of Foreclosures – Foreclosure Fraud Post

by Brian Mahany We have been saying for years that America’s foreclosure process is a mess. No one knows who owns what. Robosigning, foreclosure fraud, forged documents, false affidavits, foreclosure mills… just a few years ago some of these terms were not even invented. Now they are common place. A recent investigation by NBC Bay [...]

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